Mary Tarvainen
09/22/2008 08:47

Hi Stacy,
You are doing a wonderful job! I have many pictures if you want. They are all on my computer, so I can send you all kinds of them. Thanks so much. Mary

Sue Hassler
09/25/2008 02:37

Great website, Stacy. I'm enjoying all the links and appreciate the hard work it took to make the website. Thanks...

Sue Hassler

Lori (Risku) Koski
09/25/2008 16:41

Great job Stacy, it'll be fun catching up on all the scoop in our hometown since I DON'T come home too often, lol. Thanks!!!

Jim and Helen Lepola
10/24/2008 09:37

What a wonderful job you did Stacy!!! Keep it up. Thanks on behalf of the entire community.

Howard A. Ahola
10/24/2008 13:07

Covington is now know to the world. Stand by for the onrush of humanity!!!

Sharon Maki
10/29/2008 18:12

Great job, Stacy! I love it!

Hilary Richardson
11/03/2008 12:08

What a great idea!!!

07/21/2009 22:09

Nice job on the web site. Very informative. I'm from South West Lower Michigan and look forward to visiting possibly soon!

04/21/2011 23:38

Your blog content is very rich and exciting. Thank you for sharing. Want your blog better and better, then I will always look at your blog.

09/07/2012 23:36

Why is this so that we are still unable to change our mind sets even when we have travelled twenty one centuries ahead than the stone ages.


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